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Flower Garden Solitaire with a new bouquet background

We just added two new backgrounds.  Today, I’d like to spotlight the first one – this beautiful French bouquet image – paired with the solitaire game Flower Garden. The neat thing is, as you play the game, you reveal more and more of the beautiful flowers in the photograph.  Also, the 16 reserve cards on
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Tip 2: Clearing a Column

What solitaire strategy is shared by both Spider and Topsy Turvy Queens?  These are seemingly opposite games.  Spider solitaire is a suite-building game, whereas Topsy Turvy Queens has foundations.  But by exploring just a few basic solitaire tips, you can easily play any game like an expert! Many of the most popular solitaire games like Spider,
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Pyramid Solitaire – the Bronze Winner

Klondike is, of course, the most popular solitaire game.  With all the solitaire variations available, Klondike is still nearly synonymous with solitaire.  The second place winner is Free Cell.  But what is the third?  Amazingly, in our Solitaire Free Pack, the third place for game popularity goes to Pyramid Solitaire.  The bronze medal winner from the
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Cool Free Photos – UNSPLASH

Have you seen all the great new backgrounds in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack? Many of those fantastic photos came from Unsplash.com, a terrific website where photographers like me can make select images available in the public domain. LoboStudio Hamburg   This is one of the 10 images from this week’s feature selection.  Every ten
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Solitaire Tip 1: Building Under

There are simple solitaire strategies that can be used in many different games to really improve your play! This first one, which I call “building under”, can be applied to any solitaire game where empty tableau piles can be filled with any card, and ordered stacks can be moved. Here is an example from one of our newest games, Topsy
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Topsy Turvy Queens Strategy

This was one of the most requested games in our company’s history. I can hardly wait to introduce Topsy Turvy Queens solitaire! Here’s how to play. A double-deck game, the top row has 8 foundations which build up in suit, starting from a King, then building up from Ace to Queen.  When the Queen arrives on the
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