Tesseract Mobile

Improved Scoring

One of our top requests has been for a more engaging scoring system.  Our traditional scores awarded 1 point for each card, so your winning score in a game of Klondike would be 52.  Yes, there was room for improvement. So as we designed the new scoring system, we looked at every element of gameplay.  What
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Windmill Solitaire is unique because of its enormous center foundation.  Unlike most foundations which contain a single suite of cards (Ace through King), Windmill’s center foundation will receive 4 full suites when the game is won.  Also unique, all foundations in Windmill build regardless of suit.  As such, the strategy for Windmill solitaire is unusual but
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New vs. Old Stats

The new statistics keep a lot of great information that you couldn’t track before.  How many undos and hints do you use?  What was the longest run of cards you removed in TriPeaks or Golf?  How many face-down cards do you reveal, on average, in Klondike?  Now you can see all that and much more! Unfortunately,
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Pyramid Strategy

Pyramid Solitaire is a favorite among solitaire fans.  This is one of those great classic games that has been passed down through generations.  I learned it from my grandmother, back when we still used real cards.  Amazing how some things are timeless that way.  Sure, these days we play on phones and tablets, but the
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