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Best Apps for Dad

Here’s a perfect gift for Dad! Give him the gift of fun, free time, and relaxation with a gift card from the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store and a thoughtful selection of apps he’ll love! Amazon App Store gift cards are so easy because they can be sent by email.  Just go to
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Double Trouble

This is a fun little game, perfect to pass the time but requiring little concentration.  The object of Double Trouble solitaire is to remove all of the cards by pairs.  Each card has 3 face-down cards underneath, so when the top one is removed, the next is flipped over.  The cards that have been paired are discarded to the
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On Randomness

One of these patterns was randomly created.  The other is a pattern from nature.  Can you guess which is which? In Steven Pinker’s book The Better Angels of our Nature, he gives these two examples.  The image on the left was plotted at random.  The image on the right is a record of the position
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