Tesseract Mobile

11s Up

11s Up is a fun, addictive solitaire game.  If you win the first 2 levels, you will go on to the Bonus Round for a chance at even more points!   Combine any 2 or more cards that add up to 11. Remove the entire tableau to win. But watch out! Unmatched cards from the
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Solitaire Demo Videos

We have been working on a series of videos to demonstrate how to play some of our most popular games.  Check out our YouTube channel here:     Or check out this video on how to play Mod3 Solitaire, which is one of my favorite solitaire games: Mod3 is a lot like Picture Gallery.  The only difference
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Gin Rummy Strategy Basics

Gin Rummy is easy to learn but difficult to master, in part because there are so many complex strategies. This will be a great start, with links to more in-depth articles on Gin Rummy strategy. Odds and Outs When building melds, look for combinations that have the most “outs”. A combination is any two cards
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