Tesseract Mobile

Custom Backgrounds & Card Backs

We are so excited to bring you this long awaited feature!  Now you can use the photos on your phone as your game background and card back.  Let’s see it in action: 1) Tap the Appearance button.  This will take you to a dialog box with several options, depending on your phone.  Here’s what mine
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Permissions Explained

Our Solitaire MegaPack has needed no permissions for years, and our customers appreciated that.  But people have also requested features which require permissions, so I’d like to take a moment and explain why these new permissions are here. Here is a screenshot showing the current permissions required for the Solitaire MegaPack.  For those of you
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The solitaire game Bowling is scored like the classic version.  The goal is to fill all ten Pins without any extra cards, or Balls. The Pin Piles are ranked 1 through 10, BUT there are 13 ranks of cards.  Therein lies the challenge of Bowling Solitaire.  The lowest card rank must go in the 1st
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