Tesseract Mobile

Terrace – Queen of Italy

Terrace (also known as Queen of Italy) is a fun and easy game, once you get the hang of it. First, select which of the 3 cards you want to use as your Foundation and move it up. The rest of the tableau will then be dealt out. In this game, Foundations build up in
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Aces & Kings and King’s Corner

** This app update was released on August 22nd. We hope you enjoy it! ** We’ve been working on a lot of new games for the Solitaire MegaPack and Solitaire Free Pack. Aces & Kings has been especially interesting. I always try to win each new game before approving it for the app, and so
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When Time Stands Still

Sometimes you find yourself waiting on pins and needles for a moment that will change your life. I remember one night I was out with my boss, back when I worked in fashion design. I always dressed up when I went out with Helga since she had impeccable fashion taste, and this was no exception.
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