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Also, for a more old school thrash/death metal tone, turning

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canada goose coats 5 points submitted 2 months agoWhat integralds said but try Canada Goose sale to learn math. It not something you are just "good at" naturally or not. You can get better at it. It expands what you can do an incredible amount, if you decide canada goose clearance sale you don want to canada goose uk shop do law school or this other stuff which requires math and with law school is very difficult to get into. You only a junior, so you probably going to change your mind and having advanced math and a few computer science courses leaves you open for almost anything. For jobs you are going to want to minor or even double major in something technical. For grad school in many other subjects (econ, statistics, etc) you are going to need it too.Stucifer2 Canada Goose Outlet 1 point submitted 11 months agoThe real answer here is to try out different settings and see what you like. Also keep in mind that the sound will change depending on what cabinet you are using and how loud you have it canada goose coats set (speaker compression and whatnot). Some settings will also sound amazing when alone in your room, but terrible in a band situation canada goose factory sale and vice versa.But some basic starting points:The Red channel Canada Goose Jackets can get crazy. A lot of people will crank up the gain on that one, but Canada Goose Online really, Canada Goose Coats On Sale to me canada goose coats on sale it sounds best around noon 1:00. For the more metal stuff, you want that extra compression that channel will produce. Also, for a more old school thrash/death metal tone, turning the mids all the way down, the treble up and the bass maybe up a little will get you that classic sound. This setting sounds cool alone, but in a band situation it will likely canada goose clearance get lost in the mix. Not so great for lead stuff either. Mids are your friend canada goose uk outlet for leads and if canada goose store you want to cut through.I use the Blue channel the most. I have the gain set about 1:00 as well. This keeps the Green channel fairly clean and lessens the volume jump between channels (on the 50 watt head. The 100 watt head has its own controls). EQ, I keep the mids around 1:00 2:00. Bass and treble around noon. This will get you into that rock/bluesy territory. The Green Channel will have a little hair on it as well (again, with sharing controls on the 50 watt head), which is nice for uk canada goose outlet bluesy stuff canada goose as well.Now, there is the presence knob and the resonance knob on the back. These are good for fine tuning. Too ice picky or shrill? Turn down the presence. Need a little more oomf? Turn up the resonance (Especially helpful at lower volumes.Keeping the blue channel as my main channel (when not using pedals for my gain. Then I keep on the Green channel), a nice overdrive pedal will take you back into the metal area. Lots of options there, but I cheap canada goose uk love the Boss SD 1. Sounds great and cheap as hell. Good starting pedal anyway. Tube Screamer is a popular option as well. A compressor over the blue channel will add a little more chug as well, but sounds a little different than an overdrive.sickpeople 4 points submitted 1 year agoIt depends what genre are you interested in, Real Time Strategy, Real Time Tactics or Turn Based Strategy?Also what kinda setting you like historical, fantasy, sci fi?Total War is kind of a RTT/TBS hybrid. You control your empire in TBS campaign map and fight out your battles Canada Goose Parka in real time using tactics.If you want to get into TW, you should start with Medieval 2. I got into TW with it and so far I think it the best TW game, especially if you install mods like Stainless Steel or Third Age. You can put literally hundreds of hours in the game with those.I sure there some but there no guarantee they would be good.If you like historical games you should tryAge of Empires 2 basically the pinnacle of RTS genre, you can also try older AoE 1 or canada goose uk black friday AoE 3. All games are good and they are those that got me into history in the first placeRise of Nations similar to AoE, except it takes place across the entire human history, starting from stone age to modern era. Lots of uk canada goose funEmpire Earth like RoN except 3D and has more eras to play in. It a bit clunkier but still worth it. Playing a skirmish game on a large map can take you lots and buy canada goose jacket lots of hours.Blitzkrieg WW2 RTT game. Lets you control troops (infantry, tanks, artillery, even call on airstrikes) on a large scale, spanning the entire European front from pov of Allies, Soviets and Germans. Pretty hard, but historically accurate from the most part.Anyway, these are the ones that I think anyone getting into strategy games should play.microdeth 7 points submitted 1 year agoWell I got into metal a about 2 Canada Goose online years ago when I was in 8th grade. I loved (and still love) bands such as Sevenfold, Maiden and most of all. METALLICA! Metallica cheap Canada Goose was my favorite band for basically the next 2 years. Then one day, about a year ago, my guitar teacher told me about Megadeth. I gave them a listen, and I hated it. Could not canada canada goose outlet uk goose black friday sale stand Mustaine voice. wait wait don get mad and downvote this comment!! Keep reading!! Now let fast forward to about 3 months ago. I hit shuffle on a random metal Spotify playlist and it starts playing Tornado of Souls. I WAS IN LOVE! I suddenly started liking Mustaine voice. ALOT!! So ya, I a relatively new fan but holy shit I love this band so much! When I was into Metallica, I learned some riffs here and there on the guitar. But Mustaine incredible riffage made me learn all of the songs in the Rust in canadian goose jacket Peace record plus a few more here and there (minus most of the solos. still working on my lead playing). I love Megadeth so so buy canada goose jacket cheap so so so much! My band is even covering Symphony of Destruction at my highschool battle of the bands.

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